Wednesday, March 9, 2011

InnoDB hot backups with MySQL-ZRM for free!

Everyone knows how important it is to keep reliable database backups and to have them available and guaranteed to work when things go very wrong. This process has largely been automated by ops people everywhere... in hundreds of different ways, some with more complete feature sets than others. What about a complete solution that automates the entire process from backup to verification to restore?

Enter Zmanda MySQL Backup. If you're not familiar with the folks at Zmanda, they've been providing the community with backup solutions since 2006. They have an impressive and expansive offering, but what we're really impressed with is their backup and recovery manager for MySQL. It offers a complete and formalized solution to all our MySQL backup needs. Check it out:

Here at VM Farms we've gravitated towards using the excellent XtraDB offering from Percona. The performance, support and availability of an open-source hot backup solution over the standard InnoDB offering in MySQL makes this the ideal database solution for us. Check it out:

The beauty of Percona's XtraBackup utility is it works with both XtraDB and InnoDB (and also MyISAM with the help of some support scripts):

The only missing piece of the puzzle was combining Zmanda's MySQL solution with Percona's XtraBackup solution.

So, we bridged the gap. VM Farms announces the general availability of our own xtra-backup plugin for Zmanda, and we're releasing it with an open source license. Zmanda comes with support for MySQL's closed-source InnoDB hot-backup solution, so we used this hook to write a plugin for Zmanda that leverages Percona's solution for everyone out there who's been wondering why this didn't exist yet. Download it, use it, improve it, and enjoy the power of combing these two necessary tools:

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