Friday, June 20, 2014

Client Case Study: Wave HQ

Wave HQ is one of our oldest and (now) larger customers.  Over the years, we’ve worked closely with their team, so much so that we consider them part of the VM Farms family.  Wave’s continual growth over the years has allowed us to build and refine many of the products and features that we roll out to each of our customers.  It’s been a great relationship and a wild ride.  

Wave started as a small team with a big dream.  As its customer base grew, Wave added new features and products and within two years, grew from a team of 7 to over 70.

With rapid growth and a customer base of more than 2 million users, Wave’s development team faced the enormous challenge of constantly monitoring and managing a rapidly growing application. Because of this, their developers were spending more time dealing with server issues, and less time building their product.

“When we first got started, our footprint was pretty small and we got away with doing all of the operations work ourselves.  Even as we grew bigger, my staff and I could still keep up, but it was beginning to take up increasing amounts of our time.  We finally reached a point where we were losing our focus on product development, because we were constantly interrupted by operations issues.  Eventually we had to stop and ask ourselves ‘even though we’re capable of doing this, does it mean that we should be the ones doing it?’  We had to find a solution.”
- James Lochrie, Co-Founder and CMO of Wave HQ

Knowing that their developers were their most valuable asset, and that their time was better spent writing great code - Wave decided to work with VM Farms. This allowed them to free up their developers, but also to keep lean and avoid costly headcount additions.

We worked with the Wave team to standardize to a single platform, and assisted them with migrating into to our hosted infrastructure.  Wave is now able to reap the benefits of a largely automated system and a fully staffed operations team that would work vigilantly around the clock to ensure that Wave’s servers were always running at their best.

“We immediately found that by moving to OaaS through VM Farms’ hosted cloud platform, that our application performance had increased, our downtime was dramatically reduced, and our developers could focus purely on building better products and services.  The transition was so smooth and the delivery seamless, that we consider VM Farms as much a part of our family as we do a part of our continued success!”

- James Lochrie, Co-Founder and CMO of Wave HQ

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